CUBE is a solution for everyone on the lookout for something different than traditional inflatable or pop-up tents. It’s a distinctive structure designed in the modern cubist style. Thanks to a unique solution of hidden water drain, the roof can stay optically flat but works perfectly in case of rain. As with all AXION products, there is no need for a permanent power supply!

Unlike other inflatable tents, it has straight vertical panels ready to showcase your brand design.

It’s made of strong but lightweight polyester fabric. A single person can set it up in a few minutes. The entire tent can be packed into the original trolley bag that fits into a car, making it perfect for any roadshow or event.

Cube3 Cube4 Cube5 Cube Lite 4
Width “X” (cm) 300 400 500 400
Length “Y” (cm) 300 400 500 400
Height “Z” (cm) 290 310 350 300
Occupied area “A” (m2) 9 16 25 16
Effective area (m2) 9 16 25 16
Weight (kg) 25 50 60 50
Time 0:10 0:15 0:20 0:20
Person 1 1 1-2 2
Dye sublimation print roof/walls/structure
Material FASTEX 100% polyester / TPU
Flame retardancy B1 (DIN 4102-1)

Get your brand design on CUBE!