SQUARE is the first tent from the AXION family. Features like horizontal stabilization, inflatable beams, the central tube connector, the zip-off roof, and its availability in 4 sizes make it one of the most reliable inflatable event tents on the market.

Brand managers will certainly appreciate the possibility of using different roof designs, easily changeable by the zip-off technology. The zip-off cover, walls, visors, and the entire inflatable structure can be printed in full-color dye sublimation upon demand.

SQUARE is proven to withstand winds up to 100 km/h, ranking it among the safest inflatable tents.

Square44 Square55 Square66 Square77
Width "X" (cm) 400 500 600 700
Length "Y" (cm) 400 500 600 700
Height "Z" (cm) 290 350 420 490
Covered area (m2) 16 25 36 49
Weight (kg) 30 35 50 66
Construction time 0:10 0:14 0:17 0:20
Dye sublimation print roof/walls/structure
Material polyester / TPU
Flame retardancy B1 (DIN 4102-1)

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