If you’re looking for an eye-catching but high-quality tent, TEPEE is the one to go for. Its design is unmissable and meets all safety standards. Even though it can cover the surface of up to 125m2, it can fit into a car. It’s extremely easy to transport thanks to the unique central pole which includes an internal mechanism to tension the roof into the correct shape. You can set it up in 30 minutes.

Single pole TEPEE can have a diameter of up to 17m. Double pole TEPEE can have a width of up to 22,5m and height up to 6m. With fully-customizable dye sublimation printed roof it will stand out at any festival, beach event, wedding, trade show and company or sports event.

TEPEE tents are usually used at events held on soft ground like grass or soil. If you want to use TEPEE on a hard surface, we have developed a robust steel plate with a rubber base that can be ballasted with standard traffic sign rubber ballast or concrete blocks. These ballast sets are compatible with TEPEE’S aluminum legs, so there’s no need for further modifications.


TEPEE SinglePole (TPSP) is a round start tent with a height-adjustable single central pole. Depending on the size, it has five or six fins anchored to the ground.


TEPEE Double Pole (TPDP) has two height-adjustable central poles and six or eight fins anchored to the ground which makes it more stable than competing tents. With eight fins it can be up to 22,5m wide.

TPSP 100 TPSP 130 TPSP 150 TPSP 170 TPDP 150 TPDP 180 TPDP 225
Diameter “D” (m) 10 13 15 17 - - -
Width “Y” (m) - - - - 10 12 12
Height “X” (m) - - - - 15 18 22,5

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