WALL offers the advantage of a popup display combined with sealed inflatable technology, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the drop stitch fabric technology with high pressure inside, it’s able to withstand the same harsh wind conditions as a solid popup display and makes no blower noise.

It’s available in 3 size options with full dye sublimation-printed zip-off socks that make it easy to completely change the design. If you don’t need multiple WALLS but want multiple designs, you can simply order multiple zip-off socks.

It can be used for all kinds of promotional and sports events as an inflatable billboard, sponsor wall, or background for photoshoots. If you want WALL for indoor use, we offer a solid laser-cut stand that allows you to place WALL anywhere. There’s also an option to install LED lights on the top edge of the WALL.

WALL 250-320 WALL 250-410 WALL 300-410
Height (cm) 250,0 250,0 300,0
Width (cm) 320,0 410,0 410,0
Depth (cm) 10,0 10,0 10,0
Display weight (kg) 23,0 30,0 35,0
Weight incl. bag and accessories (kg) 39,0 46,0 51,0

Get your brand design on WALL!