EASY is a high-quality inflatable tent with a simplified structure, respecting the financial limits of our clients. Even with a limited budget, it provides them an opportunity to use a quality branded inflatable tent made in the EU with no compromises.

It’s based on a concept of four independent inflatable legs forming a roof with a place for four artworks to be printed by sublimation print without color limits. Like with other AXION models, there is a possibility to use different roof designs which are easily changeable by the zip-off technology. The zip-off cover, walls, visors, and the entire inflatable structure can be printed in full-color dye sublimation upon demand.

Easy33 Easy44 Easy55 Easy66
Width “X” (cm) 330 400 500 600
Length “Y” (cm) 330 400 500 600
Height “Z” (cm) 285 290 350 420
Covered area (m2) 11 16 25 36
Weight (kg) 20 25 30 42
App. time 0:10 0:10 0:15 0:20
Person 1 1 1 1-2
Dye sublimation print roof/walls/structure
Material polyester / TPU
Flame retardancy B1 (DIN 4102-1)

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