In most cases, ROUNDED arches are used because their shape better corresponds to the customer’s product or design needs – compared to the ANGLED arch, their shape makes it more difficult to properly place the artwork. Other than that, they’re as easy to set up and as safe as our ANGLED arches.

Thanks to the higher internal pressure, our ROUNDED inflatable arch is slimmer than traditional arches, has better weather resistance and stability, no collapse risk, and no blower noise.

ARR 600-80 ARR 800-96 ARR 1000-96
Width inner "A" (cm) 440,0 608,0 808,0
Width outer "B"(cm) 600,0 800,0 1000,0
Height inner "C" (cm) 300,0 384,0 429,0
Height outer "D"(cm) 380,0 480,0 525,0
Tube diameter "Ø"(cm) 80,0 96,0 96,0
Weight (kg) 44,0 51,7 59,5
Box size (cm) 80x80x40 100x100x40 100x100x40
Box volume (m3) 0,3 0,4 0,4

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