BOTTLE is a sealed inflatable with an internal bladder, available in sizes up to 4m and customizable shapes. It can be internally illuminated with light and placed on an optional ballast plate for increased stability.

Thanks to the higher internal pressure than traditional inflatable bottles, it has better weather resistance, better stability, and no blower noise.

BO 200-55 BO 250-65 BO 300-80 BO 400-110
Height "Y" (cm) 200,0 250,0 300,0 400,0
Diameter "Ø" (cm) 55,0 65,0 80,0 110,0
Volume (m3) 0,1 0,1 0,1 0,2
Weight (kg) 5,0 8,0 11,0 13,2
Box size (cm) 60x60x15 70x70x15 80x80x15 110x110x15

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