Our BLOCK inflatables use ribbed bladders, which ensure a rectangular shape and flat surface for your artwork. It’s suitable for customers who want something other than traditional rounded inflatables like our TUBE, or simply for customers with products or requirements where a flat surface makes more sense.

It’s available in multiple sizes, and its design can be easily changed by using a different zip-off sock cover. We also offer an optional ballast plate for perfect stability.

BL 250-60 BL 300-75 BL 400-100
Height total "Y" (cm) 250,0 300,0 400,0
Base size "Z" (cm) 60x60 75x75 100x100
Box volume (m3) 0,1 0,1 0,2
Weight (kg) 9,0 13,0 16,0
Box size (cm) 60x60x20 80x80x20 100x100x20

Get your brand design on BLOCK!