SPIDER is a combination of a big hexagonal-shaped dome and a unique AXION system of sealed structures. SPIDER provides big space and high wind resistance thanks to more inflatable structure elements. Additionally, it is the only spider tent on the market available with inflatable visors. All of this without the need for a permanent power supply!

It’s ideal for large events looking for a contemporary and unique design. It offers a floor space ranging from 42 m2 up to 80 m2. It’s available in a range of sizes and options including zip-off reversible walls, optional visors, and branding that would meet your event requirements. A variant of SPIDER 10 with 3 visors (indoor space of 74 m2) provides a contemporary solution to conform with legal requirements in most countries (although not necessarily with local building permissions).

SPIDER is engineered to impress you with an easy setup. It’s made of strong but lightweight polyester fabric with contoured legs. Using our AXION smart inflation system that controls the airflow using the central valve system, it requires no more than 2 people to set up which will take less than 20 minutes. The entire tent can be packed into a compact carry bag that fits into a car, making it perfect for any roadshow or event.

Spider8 Spider10
Width “X” (cm) 800 1000
Length “Y” (cm) 690 860
Height “Z” (cm) 420 490
Covered area A (no side walls) (m2) 35 54
Covered area B (6x side wall) (m2) 42 66
Covered area C (3x wall, 3x visor) (m2) 47 74
Weight (kg) 53 70
Time 0:15 0:20
Person 2 2
Dye sublimation print roof/walls/structure
Material polyester / TPU
Flame retardancy B1 (DIN 4102-1)

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