Sealed inflatable BLOCKS are suitable for all those who do not like traditional rotate shape inflatables, or it simply better describes promoted product or brand. Axion BLOCK is using ribbed bladder and Axion BLOCK Lite is using tubular bladder, but both types are providing a rectangular shape with a flat surface for your artwork. Simply an extraordinary product.
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We tried to adjust the standardized dimensions of the blocks to the proportions of standard drink packs. Take an advantage of a standardized product instead of a custom replica (production time, price…).


Probably the most common use of the inflatable block. It is always above the crowd, therefore it is a perfect medium for your brand.


Use creative artwork to attract attention to your product or event. Thanks to its flat surface you have no limits about creativity.


The high structure is visible from every distance. Especially it is suitable as an info point. Do not forget to add an internal lighting to your order. As a benefit you will get an eyecatcher!

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